Frequently Asked Question

Where can I buy TBC?
Order straight to your home from Deliveroo, Talabat, Noon Minutes, Careem or Noon Food! You can also find TBC at select, leading stores such as Carrefour, Grandiose, and Geant. For now, we are only available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and selected areas in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman

What sweeteners are used instead of cane sugar?
Our delicious ice creams contain “no added sugars” and are sweetened with naturally occurring sugar found in milk and plant based polyol – a blend of stevia & maltitol

What is Maltitol?
Maltitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sugar substitute and has 75–90% of the sweetness of sucrose (table sugar). It does not affect blood sugar levels like table sugar and is less likely to cause tooth decay.

Are the ice creams vegetarian?
Yes! Our ice creams are 100% vegetarian

Are these ice creams lactose-free?
Our vegan range of edible ices is made using coconut milk and is 100% dairy-free, which in turn makes it lactose-free as well! However, our Low Calorie, High Protein and Keto ranges are dairy-based and do contain lactose.

What makes TBC ingredients special?
TBC uses only the highest quality of ingredients sourced from around the world.

What are the ice creams sweetened with?
Our delicious ice creams contain no added sugar and are sweetened using naturally occurring sugars found in milk, and plant-based sweeteners like stevia, and others.

Can TBC ice cream be eaten by a diabetic?
All of our ice creams have a low GI value and are therefore suitable for anyone looking to stay away from sugar spikes. However, if you have any predetermined medical condition, we would recommend that you check with your doctor before indulging in any products- not just ours.

How many servings in a pint?
Our pint-sized tubs contain 450ml of ice cream, which is approximately 4.5 servings.

What if I need help with my order?
Please Contact Us and we will get in touch with you ASAP!


What size is your product?
Our low cal range comes in 3 forms, cups, tubs and chocolate-coated bars. Our tub sizes are 125ml cups and 450ml tubs and our sticks come in multipacks of 4x55ml.

Is your low cal range gluten-free?
Apart from the products with cookies/ cake/ wheat crispies, all our products are gluten-free. This means the following products are all gluten-free:

List of gluten-free low cal ice creams

Cups and Tubs

Sweet Cream Vanilla


Soho Berry

Sea Salt Caramel


Sea Salt Caramel

Sweet Cream Vanilla


Mixed Berries



What are vegan semi ice milk?
Vegan products are those which contain no ingredients derived from animals. Regular ice cream contains dairy products such as milk and butter, therefore they are not vegan. Our vegan semi ice milk substitute this with coconut milk and use ingredients that are solely derived from plants.

How do you make vegan semi ice milk?
The procedure for making vegan semi ice milk is the same as ice cream, but the difference is in the ingredients. Ice creams are made with milk and milk products, while our vegan semi ice milk are made with plant-based ingredients like coconut milk powder, almonds, etc.

Are all your vegan semi ice milk gluten-free?
No. Only the products that are without cake/ cookies and wheat crispies are gluten-free.

List of gluten-free vegan semi ice milk

Cups and Tubs

Acai Berry Banana

Chocolate Coconut

Lotta Chocolate

Salted Peanut Butter

Mango Sticky Rice


Chocolate & Coconut

Salted Peanut Butter



What size is your product and how much protein does it have?
Our High Protein ice creams come in mini-tubs of 200 ml and contain 10g -11g protein per tub.

What makes your ice cream High Protein?
Good question! Our High Protein ice creams have close to 6g of protein per 100ml serve. In comparison, that's 3X the protein of regular ice creams which usually have around 2g of protein per 100ml.

Do you use Grade A whey protein?
Yes, we do. Nothing but the best for our consumers!

Can I substitute my protein shake with your ice cream?
Of course! Protein is the building block of muscles, and our high protein ice creams contain 11g of high-quality protein per serve - making it the perfect replacement for your protein shake or protein bar.

Is it lactose-free?
No, our High Protein ice creams are not lactose-free. But we do have a vegan range that you can enjoy instead!

What’s the difference between TBC High Protein V/S Normal Ice creams?
Normal ice creams do have around 4 g protein per 200 ml but TBC’s High Protein range has over 11g high-quality protein per 200 ml. Big difference! 



What is a Keto diet?
A Keto diet involves consuming a lower number of carbohydrates and a higher amount of fat. This puts the body into a state of ‘ketosis’, where it begins to derive energy from fat stores rather than carbohydrates. Interesting, right?

What ingredients are used in TBC’s Keto ice creams?
Much like any other ice cream, the first step is an ice cream base. Our base is made using milk and sweeteners, instead of milk/cream and sugar. This is then topped up with ingredients such as peanuts, brownie bits, cookies etc. depending on the flavour you choose :) For our Keto range, in particular, we’ve made sure to use ingredients that all have a low to no GI value or carb content so as to keep the net carbs to a minimum!

What makes our ice cream Keto?
It’s important to know what Keto-friendly ice cream is. Keto-friendly ice cream has very few net carbs- less than 6 gm per serve. Our ice creams contain net carbs ranging from just 1 - 2 g per serving, making them very, very Keto-friendly!